My best 5 memories of 2017!

It’s late January of 2018 and I’ve decided to share some of 2017’s highlights! I know I’m late to the party but honestly, what’s new?

 2017 for me, as I’m sure it was for many others, was filled with a fair share of ups and unfortunately quite a few downs. However, it’s not about negativity here and I couldn’t let some of the great memories of 2017 go undocumented.

So… without further ado, here is a small snippet of the happiness 2017 offered!

  • SKIING! Something I’d always thought about doing but for fear of injury (due to my incredibly clumsy nature) or falling off the side of a mountain I decided against until last year! 2017 saw me and my BF go on our first ski trip!

This for me was a massive milestone, not only did it push me out of my comfort zone; i.e. flat fields stretching far and wide, but it also introduced us both to something we both loved and want to do again ASAP!


I couldn’t rave about Andorra more, it had varying levels of slopes which was perfect for us and the Après Ski was amazing! We accidently arrived during Horizon festival, which turned out to be super cool, there was events everywhere, even in the sushi bar! 10/10 would recommend to a friend!

  • I went on my first girl’s holiday. To IBIZA no less! Sitting in the sun with your friends has a way of letting you forget any worries you have for a while. We went to paint parties, boat parties and even found the closest thing Ibiza has to The Ocean Rooms! Absolute cheese and we loved it.

The current UK weather has me wishing we were back here in the sun not constant rain and wind!



  • The arrival of my adorable little niece Theia!



I was already lucky enough to have one amazing niece Darcie-Mai but 2017 saw that grow to two and I couldn’t be prouder of both of them! I could gush on about how much they have both grown forever but best leave it at that for now.


  • I went on my first long-haul flight to Mexico! Flying has always been something that I have had a fear of, so being in the air for 12 hours was a daunting prospect. However, the long flight couldn’t have been more worth it and luckily I did have the support of Lew, maybe not so lucky for his crushed fingers!


Mexico was amazing, it was filled with climbing temples, snorkelling with turtles and sunbathing on breathtakingly beautiful beaches. We did manage to choose the week where Mexico experienced an earthquake and there were 3 active hurricanes over the Atlantic! This somehow didn’t seem to effect where we were apart from a few rain bouts and a flight delay, which was definitely a lucky escape! One thing that we learned: it’s called hurricane season for a reason!


  • My 22nd Birthday. I know 21 is usually the big birthday but for various reasons I didn’t do too much for it so, I thought I’d make up for it a year later! We went out to local bars around Norwich (Bar and Beyond is my FAV) and had quite a few cocktails. The night was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for more, being surrounded by (nearly) all of my favourite people smiling, laughing and enjoying great company and terrible dance moves!


I definitely hope we can do it again for 23! But let’s pretend that doesn’t sound so old and quarter life crisis-ey, yes?

2017 was good to me and the people in my life definitely have something to do with that but I’m expecting even better things from 2018! LETS GO! As soon as January passes though, what a drag!

Much love

Dempsey xo

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