Country Living

It is FINALLY February!! One of my favourite months for reasons I’m not entirely sure of! January felt like it lasted forever, right?! Especially when you are trying your hand at being more adult-like and saving… I just want to buy 2 holidays and a tonne of knitwear.

Something I’ve found to be very therapeutic (and free, yippee) throughout January has been simply enjoying the surrounding countryside. As some of you know I live pretty much out in the sticks, no dominoes deliveries for me, which gives me the perfect opportunity to appreciate mother nature!

I have always enjoyed being outside, from an early age being outdoors, climbing trees and making ‘potions’ from plants was my favourite thing to do, but getting a little older there always seems to something a little more important to do than taking time to enjoy nature. This I want to change. A goal of mine for 2018 was to enjoy my locality a bit more, so what better way than to go for a stroll in the surrounding fields with the pups?


A few places I recommend you visit in and around Norfolk this year are:

  • Winterton-On-Sea to see the seals.
  • Fairhaven Watergardens, it is beautiful in spring!
  • Urban Jungle, a great place for house plants and a great cake spot!
  • Southwold which is great in summer.

An essential item of attire in Norfolk without a doubt is a good wellington boot, something our boot room is full of, especially considering the UK weather at the moment! Soggy… Another item of clothing I love for a brisk walk is a wax jacket. Perfect Norfolk attire yes, I look like a farm girl and no its not high fashion, but who’s it hurting?

Much Love

Dempsey Shay x

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