It is national PIZZA day!

I don’t know if you have guessed from the title but today is National pizza day in the UK! There could not be a better food I’d rather dedicate a day to than pizza! I LOVE it! Granted I’m kind of fussy with pizza toppings, I don’t really like meat on pizza at all and that’s not due to being a veggie. I just find meat on pizza a bit weird! And yes, I like pineapple on my pizza, but let’s not get into that now! Now give me a vegetarian supreme pizza with all of the possible toppings and I’ll finish that no problem! And dough balls, oh my GOD, how I love dough balls!

Due to this wondrous day, I decided to get my chef on and make some pizza dough from scratch with the help of my not so little sous chef: Darcie-Mai and chef de partie: Lewis! To many chefs spoil the broth (or dough) springs to mind!


Now I’ve never made dough before so this was definitely a learning curve for me, and the alternative cauliflower crust was definitely not as straight forward as I had so naively assumed. Grating, draining and cooking cauliflower into some semblance of pizza was maybe a bit optimistic on my behalf… all whilst trying to also cook a normal pizza. I definitely bit of more than I could chew! (Food based humour ey!)

And even though our pizzas didn’t quite turn out to be at dominos standard, ours turned out tiny haha, I think we would all definitely make homemade pizza again! It’s delicious and fun to make with those you care about.

>> I would 10/10 recommend to a friend! <<

The recipe I used for the normal pizza dough can be found here, as well as the cauliflower crust here.

I hope you have as much fun as we did if you give it a go!

Much love

Dempsey Shay x


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