Jungle Boudoir

Just over a year ago my family and I moved from the only house I knew from age 2, it was a quite a big change, we moved further into the countryside. My inner sceptic was concerned but I was SO wrong! I love where we live now and I can drive so it’s not like I’m stuck in some fields with nowhere to go.

My new room was a chance to start fresh and to start collecting as many house plants as possible! So, for those who would just like a nosey at my room or you are a house plant enthusiast like myself, you may enjoy this.

My first house plant was a gift from Lew’s mum and after a few months of keeping it alive, it’s cacti so not an amazing feat, I decided to grow my collection a little more.

I now have 2 gorg Swiss cheese plants, multiple hanging plants and varying collection of succulents. Seems like a lot of care, right? NOPE. I water them once a week sparingly… if I remember and they are thriving.



Where I seem to gravitate toward to buy my house plants would be Urban Jungle in Costessey. Mainly for their huge variety of plants but secretly for their cakes! I would definitely recommend making a day of it and having tea and cake there, it’s so lovely in summer too.

One of my favourite plants from Urban Jungle is my succulent dream catcher that was made in one of the workshops they hold, it’s stunning. Although I’m a sucker for simplicity so my string of pearls is a close favourite.




My bookshelf is my pride and joy at the moment as it houses the majority of my plants rather than the majority of my books. Also, the kokeshi dolls on my shelf are some absolute icons from the past and present by Lucie Kaas. I ADORE them.

My goal for the end of the year is to have my bookshelf a mass of green and trailing ivy which is the plant I have found the hardest to keep… surprise! So I think I’ll need a few more plants to feed my addiction, or so I’ll tell Myself.


2018-02-22 16:19:47.614.JPG

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