Snowy Days and Cosy Nights

Hey, Hi, Hello!

Well, the Beast for the East has hit and holy moly has it been Baltic! I am SO ready for summer now, snow is not my cup of tea at all! The past few days in the East of England has been that of a beautiful winter wonderland for those who have had work or school cancelled and an icy nightmare for those braving the roads to get shit done. My upmost respect goes out to the healthcare professionals doing their best to keep our loved ones safe over this demanding time. Thank you will never be enough!

During this time however, I think it is important for us all to take some time out to practice self-care and have time for ourselves so we are able to be at our best. We can only give 100% to others when we give it to ourselves first. One way I have found that has been ideal, especially in this cold weather, is taking some time out of the day and having a long soak in the bath with a face mask and a good read.

With that in mind I have been testing out some new bath products that differ from the usual bubble bath and bath bombs. Recently I have come across Simply Soaps a 100% natural and wholly organic skincare range, for those with sensitive skin this is a god send! I tried the Queen of Sheba Organic Spa Salt and Milk Bath and it felt just a decadent as the name suggests. If you’re like me and like to make an event of your bath I find adding this milk to your water with some tea lights strategically placed and a good playlist the perfect way to spend an evening… I am getting old before my time. If you are looking for a some relaxing vibes I would 10/10 recommend H.E.R (thank you Nancy).


Scents are also a great way to help you unwind and I LOVE the smell of lavender! Now I’m not usually a massive fan of soap bars but I have made an exception for Lavender Soothing Soap because the scent is gorgeous and the perfect smell to drift off to sleep to, it also doesn’t leave your skin feeling horribly tight. If Lavender isn’t the scent for you another option is LUSH’s Rose Jam body wash! It is a sweet scent that really sticks around.

If anyone struggles with sleep I would really recommend an aroma therapy diffuser. I got mine as a gift from my BF but they can be got from places like Amazon for a decent price! If I feel particularly stressed before bed I’ll pop that on with some lavender oil and destress from the day, it’s a nice way to end the day.

I hope you have had some fun in the snow but remember to stay safe on the roads!

Dempsey Shay


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